Your website not getting the sales you expected?

People not finding your site?

Then its likely you need some SEO.  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.  Its optimising and tweaking your website as to make Google like you more; it’s a form of free advertising, making Google put your website on the first page for specific search key phrases.

How Google Works

If you ask you family, clients, friends or colleagues how they find a product or service, 9 times out of ten the answer will be Google.

Google has been around for a while, however things have become a lot more advanced with online searches these days, and the key words you use within your website are more powerful than is often realised.

Google implemented some time ago what is referred to as an algorithm to enhance their search engine and improve the relevance of results for the user. Google’s algorithm has become more and more advanced in recent years, with the key focus shifting to a more authentic purpose of pleasing the user and engaging them in natural and organic ways.

It is vital to understand that Google’s fundamental goal is to deliver the most valuable and relevant content for each search query for your potential clients.

This too should be the underlying goal of any search engine optimisation strategy. Keyword research and selection lie at the very core of any search engine optimisation strategy. The goal is to select words and phrases that have high traffic volume, string commercial content and at the same time are competitively reachable given the current state of your website’s ranking and authority.

At the end of the day, SEO and The Chameleon Group are here to help your business maximise the effectiveness of your website, and in turn, deliver you more quality enquiries and customers.

Chameleon SEO Packages


$440 inc GST (one off)

  • A review of the website in question
  • Key phrase collection & allocation
  • Checking page titles, text & alt tags match up on all pages
  • Google Analytics setup or reconfiguration
  • 1 x Follow‐up review & tweak within 2 months


$880 inc GST (one off)

  • Everything from the Standard Pack plus
  • Keyword marketing analysis
  • Limited directory back‐linking
  • An extra 2 Follow‐up review/tweaks (All 3 to be done within 6 months)


$3,300 inc GST (one off)

  • Everything from the Deluxe Pack plus
  • An extra 9 Follow‐up review/tweaks (A total of 12 with one done each month for 1 year)

For SEO to work, you should follow these steps…

  1. Be very clear about the audience your website is trying to attract.  Often a website is trying to attract a wide range, or a multiple range of audiences, when a much more focused website would improve your sales.  Think about the geography you are aiming at, and the demographics of the people you are trying to advertise to.
  2. Keywords, particularly keyphrases are very important.  Write down all the phrases that your potential clients would likely type into Google.  If you notice that have multiple groups of keyphrases then you may need to think about splitting your website up in to several websites, each focused on different keyphrase groups.
  3. Your SEO adviser will be able to tell you which of your keyphrases will likely work best, and advise you the best top 10 keyphrases your website should focus on.
  4. Once your top keyphrases have been decided, a SEO specialist will be able to tweak your website as to include those keyphrases.  This is called ‘onsite’ SEO.
  5. After your website has had its ‘onsite’ SEO done, an ‘offsite’ SEO project needs to be started.  This basically add these keywords in to other websites with a link directly to yours right next to it.
  6. Website monitor should be put in place as to give us feedback on how well your SEO is performing.  We generally include Google analytics in most of our SEO packages.

If your website is new or old, give us a call to see what we can do for you..

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