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Media Production

Effective productions ready for delivery to your target audience



Preparation is essential in any production, Chameleon Media take all the hard work out of pre-production and do it for you. We help with coming up with ideas for your vision and make these ideas a reality. We start with a brief, then prepare with our own research and come up with what we need to make production of your content a success.



We have the skills, experience and gear to make your production a success. You’re in safe hands with Chameleon Media. A producer will be assigned to you and will be your direct point of contact to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. Events, B2B, social media, product launches; you name it, we can produce it.



Anyone can film a high definition video on their phone, but the essential skills of editing is what brings a production together. We edit to your needs. Adding graphics and visual effects to your video, colour grading the content and mixing in sound. We perfect the content to match your vision

Whoever your audience is, Chameleon Media will tailor the content to reach them. Chameleon Group have marketing specialists on hand, experienced in creating effective content that works. Not only will your production look great, it will be delivered effectively to the right people